Print Product Barcode Labels

How To Print Barcode Labels
How To Create A Custom Label


Barcodes (bar codes) do not need to be created for each product

When labels are printed through Checkout, the software will print the contents of the product barcode field. If that field is empty, Checkout will use the product's unique code to create a barcode.

Barcodes should be 5 to 8 alphabetic characters or numbers, or a combination of either.

For information on the labels that Checkout can use look here.

How To Print Product Barcode Labels

  1. Click on the Manager > Products icon
  2. To print labels for one product, click once on that product to highlight it, press the Command (Apple, ⌘) key and click additional products if you intend to print labels for multiple products, or click Cmd-A (⌘A) to select all products
  3. Click the Action (gear) button on the lower right of this window
  4. Select Print Labels for Selected Products
  5. The selected products will appear with the number of labels to print. This number is based on the stock quantity of the products selected. Adjust this number if desired
  6. You can click Clear to clear this list, and double-click on the products on the left to create a new list
  7. Click the Print button when ready to print
  8. In the Print dialog box, Click the label dropdown menu, which is adjacent to Preset:, and select the label type (Avery Standard is 8-1/2"x11", Avery A4 is A4, or Dymo)
  9. Select the specific label number
  10. Select the Labels tab (next to the Layout tab)
  11. Indicate the items to print on a label (size of label may limit the printing of all items). The value of the printed price is controlled by the Show prices including tax in the products list option, which is located in the Manager > General window
  12. Place label sheets in printer
  13. Select Print

How To Create A Custom Checkout Label:

  1. Open your Label Printing window (Window > Label Printing)
  2. Drag labels into the Label Printing window
  3. Click the Print button
  4. Select a supported label template from the preset drop down list
  5. Click the Duplicate button located next to preset

The Margins, Gutters, and Inset fields are now adjustable allowing for a custom label to be generated.