Import Products

  1. In Checkout, select File > Import Products
  2. Navigate to the folder of the import file, and select the file
  3. Match the Checkout data fields to the data fields in your file
  4. Check mark Import Stock levels to import product quantities
  5. You can also optionally select to apply default taxes
  6. Checkmark Do not import this product (on the right) for the Header record, so that a Product is not created from the Header Record's fields
  7. Click Import

Checkout can import products from text files in either tab-delimited or comma-separated format.

See Product Import/Export Fields for field information and importing notes.

When importing Product Variations, if the variations match current Product Variations, those variations will be processed as variations, according to the import option selected (i.e., Update product info, Are not imported, etc.), otherwise product variations will be imported as individual products. You cannot add variations to a Product using this feature. In a new file, product variations will be imported as individual products; you cannot create variations using this feature.