Export Journal Entries to QuickBooks

Export Checkout Journal Entries to QuickBooks

When you export the journal entries to QuickBooks, you have the following options:

All Transactions
Export all transaction from the first entry through the last entry
Selection Only
Export entries based on both the date range and entered search terms
Since Last Export
Export all entries since the last export of the currently selected file format. At the bottom of the window you'll see a short description of the last transaction included in an export

The Since Last Export option is recommended when you export journal entries on a regular basis. Neither Checkout nor QuickBooks checks whether exported transactions are duplicates; there is no check to determine whether or not the transactions have already been exported and imported into QuickBooks.

Next, choose what will occur when the export is complete. The options are:

Reveal File
This option will open a Finder window in the folder where the file was saved
Launch QuickBooks
This option will launch QuickBooks so you can import the general journal entries
If this option is selected, the file will be exported with the indicated name to the indicated location
To complete the export process, enter a file name at the top of the export window, and choose a location to save the file. Click Save. The result will be a newly created .IIF file that you can import into QuickBooks.

Import Journal Entries into QuickBooks

  • Launch QuickBooks; open your QuickBooks company file
  • Select Import from the File menu
  • Choose From IIF File...
  • Choose the .IIF file that you exported from Checkout
  • The status of the import will be displayed