Creating a Checkout Return

Creating a Negative Sale
Processing a Return Against a Created Sale
Managing a Credit


There are two methods for creating Returns in Checkout. You can use the Return feature or you can just create a negative sale. We would suggest to create a negative sale as it allows you to only include the items that need to be returned (while process a sale return attempts to return the entire sale).

Option 1: Creating a Negative Sale

To create a return by making a negative sale in Checkout:

  1. Click on New sale
  2. Scan or select the product from the list on the right
  3. In the # field enter a negative value for how many you are returning (ie: -1)
  4. Select a customer from the list on the right if desired
  5. Select or unselect tax as necessary
  6. Click Checkout and select a payment method to pay back the customer

NOTE: If you are going to instead retain this as a credit to later apply for the customer you can click "Convert to Order" at the bottom of the screen and then click Leave. This will leave a negative sale order for the customer that can later be converted to an invoice. See applying a credit.

Option 2: Processing a Return Against a Created Sale

To Process a Return:

  1. Find and open the original sale
  2. On the bottom of the Sale, click the Return button
  3. In the newly-created Sale, verify the quantity of the item(s) being returned (returned items have negative quantity numbers)
  4. Enter a quantity of zero to remove unwanted line items from the Sale
  5. Click the Checkout button
  6. If items require serial numbers, enter the numbers when prompted
  7. Click the Pay button with the appropriate payment method selected

As a result of this process, the product will be placed back in inventory, and you'll have refunded the customer by the payment indicated.

Applying a Credit

To apply a credit order you have outstanding:

  1. Find the open order you have with a negative dollar value
  2. Add the items the customer wanted to purchase on by scanning or selecting the product from the list
  3. Make sure that the item that was return retained a negative # whereas the items being purchased are a postive #
  4. Click on the Allocate and then Invoice button
  5. Checkout as normal