Configure Checkout for QuickBooks

Check the Integration Notes and Managing the Ledger before configuring.

To configure Checkout with QuickBooks:

  • Open your Company File in QuickBooks
  • Select Export > Lists to IIF File from the File menu
  • Select the boxes next to Chart of Accounts and Vendor List
  • Select OK and save the file to a convenient location
  • In Checkout, open the Manager Window
  • Select the Ledger
  • Click Export
  • Select QuickBooks from the file format window
  • Click Configure button
  • Click Choose in the configuration window, and select the IIF file
  • Select which vendor in your QuickBooks file you want to use as the vendor on Sales Tax accounts (At least one vendor needs to be present in the QuickBooks company file that Checkout will use as the vendor for the Sales Tax account.)
  • Select the vendor from the drop-down list and click Continue
  • For each of the Checkout accounts, indicate the appropriate QuickBook account
  • You can Show all accounts if you don't initially see the account you want
  • Click Continue

If the account mappings need to change, you can click the Configure button, to change the configuration.