Configure Checkout for AccountEdge

Check the Integration Notes and Managing the Ledger before configuring.

To configure Checkout for AccountEdge, Checkout, AccountEdge and the AccountEdge company file must be located on the same machine. This is the company file you will open from Checkout to configure your accounts. The Checkout store can be on the same machine, or shared from another machine. If you are integrating Checkout with AccountEdge Network Edition (NE), you don't have to be on the AccountEdge host machine, but you must have access to the company file, and you will need to have created an AccountEdge NE connection document for your company file. This is the file you'll open in Checkout to configure the accounts.

An AccountEdge Netword Edition connection document is a shortcut file that retains the information about your company file's location on the host computer. You can place the connection document in a convenient location, such as the Desktop.

To create a connection document, launch AccountEdge Network Edition, and:

  • Click the Browse button to open the company file browser
  • Select (highlight) the company file
  • Click the Save Connection button at the bottom of the Company File Browser window
  • Enter a name for the connection document, and indicate where to save the document
  • Click Save; the document will have the name you indicated, and a .connect extension

To configure Checkout:

  • Click on the Manager icon in your Store
  • In Manager, click the Ledger icon
  • In the Ledger window, click the Export button on the upper right-hand corner of the ledger window; the Export panel will open
  • On the left side of the Export panel, select AccountEdge from the File Format dropdown menu, leaving the Range selection as is
  • On the right-hand side of the Export panel, click the Configure button
  • In the AccountEdge Configuration window, click Choose to choose the company file (or connection document)
  • Next, select the correct version of AccountEdge
  • Then indicate the appropriate user ID and password
  • Click Continue