Adjust Stock Quantities

  1. Click the Manager > Products icon
  2. Click once on the Product to highlight it
  3. Click on the Stock tab
  4. Click the Pencil in the Quantity field
  5. Enter the correction amount; a negative number to reduce stock quantity, a positive number to increase quantity
  6. In the Description field, enter the reason for the correction
  7. Click OK

A negative adjustment will debit the Spoilage account, and credit the Stock account. A positive adjustment will debit the Stock account and credit the Spoilage account. This method should not be used to set initial inventory. Use Purchase Orders to establish initial inventory and values.

The item cost can be entered when a Stock Correction is made. This cost will be used to determine Cost of Sales values, according to the type of costing method (FIFO or Average) selected.

Stock Correction