Add / Create Products

To add Products individually

  1. Click Manager > Products icon
  2. Click New Product button in lower right-hand corner of Products window
  3. Enter Product Name
  4. Enter Product Code, which must be a unique code among products
  5. Enter the Selling Price
  6. Enter the Defaut Cost
  7. Indicate whether or not this product has physical (inventory) stock

If the product is intended to be a stock item but the last option was left unchecked, you cannot go back and edit this at a later time. Instead, the product will need to be deleted and recreated.

Checkout will not allow you to sell a stocked Product if there is no stock available.

General tab

  1. Enter or scan the Product's barcode (bar code). If this field is blank, Checkout will use the value in the Code field to create barcode labels
  2. Verify the Product's Code. It can be changed here, if necessary
  3. Indicate a Brand, if you're using this feature. The Brand will remain in the Brands List, until it is no longer referenced by a Product
  4. Check mark the Sell Stop field to remove the product from the product list in the main store view
  5. Check mark the Needs Serial field if an item serial number is required when this Product is sold
  6. Enter the Description if desired. This information will appear at the bottom of the product list in the main store view, when the product is selected and optionally, when the Invoice is printed

Pricing tab

  • Retail Price and Default Cost were entered when creating the Product
  • Check the appropriate Tax Groups

Stock tab

Stock tab fields are available only for stocked (inventoried) Products.

  • The Quantity field will show current on-hand quantity. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to enter a stock correction. Resultant changes are posted to an expense account typically used to record Product shrinkage and spoilage. Positive quantities will debit Stock and credit shrinkage and spoilage. Negative quantities will debit shrinkage and spoilage and credit Stock.
  • Check mark the names of the Suppliers who provide this product

Web Store

  1. Indicate whether or not this Product is sold on your web store
  2. Enter one or more Tags. Tags are used in your web store to classify items
  3. Enter Products shipping weight, which will be use to calculate shipping charges
  4. Link one or more image(s) of the Product by dragging the image into the Images field. You can add PDF, EPS, JPEG 2000, JPG, PNG, and PSD, TIFF, TGA, BMP, PDF, EPS which are converted to PNG


  1. When you sync with Shopify for the first time you get to decide whether or not products created in Shopify are sync'd to Checkout