Web Store Sync

Web Store Sync


Once your products are initially synced with Checkout, we recommend keeping your products up to date in the Checkout point of sale system.

When you press Sync Store under the Web Store manager, Checkout will upload any changes made to your products to Shopify and download any new orders that were placed since your last sync time.

NOTE: If you create a product on Shopify, the product will not sync to Checkout until that product is synced down on an actual Shopify sales order.

When the sync is complete, you will receive the Web Store sync log. If any conflicts were to occur, a button will appear above the Sync Store button. If you click on that, you will see a list of conclicts which will need to be manually resolved to be cleared off the list.

If you close out of the Web Store Syncing Conflicts screen and would like to get back to it, you can do so under Window on the menu bar.

How to Sync Web Store

You can sync Checkout with Shopify by:

  1. Go to Manager > Web Store
  2. Click Sync Store in the bottom left

The initial sync will be a Force Sync. This will push all items and images from Checkout up to Shopify. You'll also be given the option to decide what you want to do with items that are currently in Shopify.

Types of Sync

Checkout has two different sync types - standard sync and force sync.

Standard Sync

Standard sync will only sync orders created since the last sync and any item changes. As noted above, any items created in Shopify will only sync down into Checkout after they are placed on an order. On the other hand, any items created in Checkout since the last sync will be pushed up to Shopify during the standard sync.

You can perform a standard sync Checkout with Shopify by:

  1. Go to Manager > Web Store
  2. Click Sync Store in the bottom left

Force Sync

Force Sync is an option for resolving sync issues between Checkout and Shopify. You get the same options when Force Syncing that you have on the initial sync.

WARNING: When you Force Sync Checkout with Shopify it will remove any information regarding your Shopify collections. Before performing a Force Sync it's a good idea to backup Checkout and Export your products from Shopify.

Step One: Exporting Products from Shopify

  1. Login to your Shopify store as the admin (shopifystorename.myshopify.com/admin)
  2. Click on the Products tab along the left hand side of the screen
  3. Click on Export in the upper right
  4. Select to export All Products and export as a CSV
  5. Click Export Products

You will be emailed a CSV file that contains your product information.

Step Two: Backup Checkout

Follow the detailed instructions found on this support page.

Step Three: Force Sync

  1. Log back in to your Checkout store
  2. Go to Manager > Web Store
  3. Hold the option key on your keyboard and click sync

You will be presented with the following options and can choose whichever you wish: