Shopify Sync Errors

Web Store Sync Conflicts

During synchronization, if any conflicts appear a Web Store Sync Conflict is generated and is available until it has been resolved.

How to resolve Web Store Sync Conflicts:

  1. Click on the Window dropdown menu
  2. Select the Web Store Syncing Conflicts option
  3. Select the conflict to resolve
  4. Click the Resolved button

Please note that resolved Web Store Sync Conflicts are displayed until the next synchronization or until Checkout has been closed and re-opened.


Unknown Error Happened

During synchronization, if an unknown error happened, a message will appear indicating:
We received an unknown error during the sync process. Please try again in a few minuets or verify the checkout.log file within your or contact support.

To check Console:

  1. Click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner
  2. Search for:
  3. Select checkout.log found under ~/Library/Logs

The log file will give details regarding the error that ocurred. If unable to resolve this issue, contact support.

You cannot delete the last variant of a product

You will see this error message in the Checkout log if you've deleted products from Shopify and the product still has the "Upload to Web Store" option checked off in Checkout. There are two ways to resolve this error.

Option 1
If you remember which product it is that was deleted - you can uncheck the Upload to Web Store option inside of Checkout. To do this:

  1. Go to Manage > Products
  2. Find and select the product
  3. Click on the Web Store for the product and uncheck the "Upload to Web Store" box
  4. Attempt to sync again

Option 2
If you do not remember which it is that was deleted you can Force Sync Checkout. You can find instructions for Force Syncing here.