Order From Shopify With A Discount

Orders that are created in Shopify and have a discount from Shopify will sync into Checkout without that discount. To correct this you have a couple options.

Option 1

Adjust the amount of the order. You can either adjust the dollar value or add in a discount percentage.

Option 2

Create a discount item and add this to the invoice. To do this:

  1. Go to Manager > Products
  2. Click on New Product
  3. Put in the item name and code as "Discount" - make sure to uncheck that you track inventory
  4. Open the Order from Shopify
  5. Add the Discount Product to it
  6. Make the price of the Discount Product -$X dollars (however much the discount was for)
  7. Uncheck the tax applied to the order if there is a tax selected

Either of these options will allow you to then convert the order to a sale for the proper amount.