Create Shopify Store

Configure Web Store

  • Dashboard

  • Settings: Custom Domain (if applicable). You can set custom URLs that your customers will use to get to your site. For more information, check this Shopify manual:

  • Settings: General
    • Enter information about your store

  • Settings: Checkout
    • Set up your Shopify Merchant Services / payment options, refund policy, customer account and email options, etc. These options will not affect sales processed through AccountEdge. They are only applicable to sales made through Shopify.

  • Settings: Shipping
    • Set up shipping information for Shopify. This does not affect shipping information in AccountEdge. Shopify shipping information is available: Shopify shipping information applies when orders are fulfilled in Shopify.

  • Settings: Taxes
    • To apply sales tax to Shopify sales, sales tax must be set up within Shopify. More information on setting up taxes can be found: This does not affect the sales tax applied to sales in AccountEdge.

  • Settings: Notifications

Create new Shopify web store

Go to to create a new Shopify store.