Registration Errors

Checkout Registration Errors
Registration Submit Button is Inactive

Once you have obtained your license key, you can register Checkout. Registration is done online. Select Registration from the Checkout menu at the top of the screen (upper left-hand corner, next to little apple). Enter all the requested information including the license key, and click the Submit button.

Possible errors and resolutions:

Maximum licenses All seats for this license key are already in use Deactivate the Checkout Registration of one of the other machines where Checkout is registered.
License invalid Invalid license key Confirm that the license key you have entered in the registration window matches exactly what is in your booklet or the confirmation email. If you are copying and pasting the code, please check for leading or trailing spaces.
Invalid name License file could not be installed This error is typically caused by a special character in the registration name (&, #, ^, %, ã, ä, à, etc.). Remove the character and try again. If this does not work, see if repairing permissions allows registration.
Registration server response Could not parse server reply, try again. This error indicates that the Checkout registration server's response was not fully received by the software. This can be caused by a Mac or router based firewall, weak internet connection, or the Mac’s user ID being a managed account (you can try temporarily changing it to be an Admin account).
Unable to Access Remote Server Unable to access Remote Server This can be caused by a Mac or router-based firewall or anti-virus software blocking internet access. Turn off the firewall and disable anti-virus software to register.
License File Could Not Be Installed License File Could Not Be Installed This issue can be caused by permissions or for having a License file already saved. Check permissions on User Library > Application Support > Checkout. If there is a .checkout4license file already in this folder make sure to delete it before attempting to register again.

Once your information has been received by the registration servers, confirmed, and properly received by Checkout, a certificate will appear on your screen showing that you are the registered user of the software.

Registration Submit button inactive

If the submit button at the bottom of the registration form cannot be selected:

  • Make sure you are copying the License Code from your Purchase email (if you have one). When you paste the code into the Registration page, make sure only the code is pasted with no leading or trailing characters such as spaces.
  • This error could be caused by a special character in the registration name (&, ^, %, é, ö, #, etc.).
  • Verify all fields are filled-in completely; leave no blank fields.
  • Verify you are logged on the Mac with Administrator privileges. Check System Preferences to reveal your login information.
  • Confirm you've read and agreed to the End User License Agreement.
  • If you get a spinning beach ball, check the internet connection and firewall settings. (System Preferences on the Mac.)
  • If you get a code not found message, verify the License Code, confirming there are no leading or trailing spaces.
  • If you get a message indicating the server's message can not be interpreted, rename your Checkout application (in the Applications folder) to something like oldCheckout, and reinstall Checkout. Do not remove your Store.
  • The registration of Checkout requires the software to receive a complete and valid response string from the Checkout registration server. If a firewall on your Mac, router, modem, or ISP connection, prevents this return, you will not be able to register your software.