Checkout Printer Options

Star Printer Feature Sets


Within Checkout there are printer settings that allow you to use the Star Printer to control different printing features.

Star Printer Feature Sets

You can get to the printer features in Checkout by:


  1. Go to Templates
  2. Choose File > Print from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  3. Make sure that Star is chosen as the printer
  4. Click the Center Dropdown menu (which defaults to Checkout) and change it to Printer Features
  5. Below this you'll see the menu to choose the Feature Set options


TSP Output Options

  1. Print Quality: You can change the quality of a printed receipt Normal, High, and Best. Normal uses the least ink but looks the worst. Best uses the most ink but looks the best
  2. Page Type: You can choose the length of the printed page (variable being the default)

Cut Options

  1. Page Cut Type: When the receipt feeds out will it cut after a certain point (partial cut) or print out the full receipt (no cut)
  2. Document Cut Type: Similar settings as above

Cash Drawer Control

  1. Cash Drawer: When printing do you want a cash drawer (or multiple cash drawers) to open?
  2. Cash Drawer 1 Pulse Width: How long after printing should it take to pop open the cash drawer