VeriFone VX-520 EMV Credit Card Reader Set-up and Overview

EMV Credit Card Terminal for Checkout

In order process credit cards within Checkout you will need a Checkout merchant account provided by Forte Payment System. Forte provides not only the Vantiv Payments merchant account but also the payments gateway which Checkout processes payments through. Forte also provides a credit card terminal for card-present transactions which is configured to work directly with Checkout.

Type of Merchant Account In order to use the EMV terminal, you will need a Forte issued Vantiv merchant account. If you currently have a Global Payments merchant account, you will need to contact Forte to apply for a Vantiv account which has competitive rates. View the Forte Merchant Accounts and EMV Acceptance FAQ for more information regarding converting to a Vanity account.

EMV Credit Card Terminal Forte has made available the VeriFone VX 520 EMV terminal which is configured for use with Checkout version 4.5 ant later. This terminal includes both EMV/Chip card processing as well as swipe and includes an integrated receipt printer.

In order to use this terminal with your Mac, you’ll need the Forte provided Serial Cable as well as the Serial to USB adaptor (specific for the included Serial Cable). An ethernet cable will be required to connect the terminal to the internet in order to process. This cable will require a serial adaptor driver to be installed on your Mac in order for a Mac to connect to the terminal.

How to Order the EMV Terminal View the Forte Merchant Accounts and EMV Acceptance FAQ for more information and a link to a secure order form.

What Version of Checkout do I need to Process Credit Cards Checkout version 4.5 or later is required in order to process payments with a connected EMV credit card terminal.

How Does Terminal Work With Checkout Once connected and your merchant account credentials are setup within your Checkout Store, when you choose to create a payment with a credit card, Checkout sends the amount to the connected device. The merchant or the customer can select the payment method (Credit Card) and the device will ask to dip your credit card (in the case of a chip enabled credit card). After the payment is processed you have to option to print a receipt from the terminal and the authorization code is sent back to Checkout to let the software know it was a successful transaction to continue to record the payment in your store.

Credit vs Debit Cards Your merchant account provided by Forte can only process credit transactions for credit and debit cards. The EMV terminal is not configured to accept PIN based debit cards for debit card transactions. If a customer is paying using a Visa or MasterCard labeled debit card, the transaction will be processed as a credit transaction.

Overview Video Covering Checkout and EMV The following video covers the set-up of Checkout and the EMV credit card reader.
Overview and Set-up Video

How to Set Up Your Merchant Account for EMV Use From the Checkout Manager, choose General and then click the Setup button next to Credit Card Processing.


You can click Get an Account to learn about how to sign up for a Checkout Merchant Account.

Once you have a merchant account, you’ll need to enter in your Merchant ID provided by Forte to enter into the Merchant ID field.

If you intend to process credit cards for those transactions where the customer is not present (over the phone sales), you will need to enter your Merchant API Login and Secure Transaction Key provided by Forte.


Connecting your VeriFone VX 520 EMV Terminal to your Mac The EMV Terminal requires a serial connection to your Mac. Forte provides the serial cable and a Serial to USB adaptor for use with Checkout and a Mac. In order for your Mac to recognize this terminal using this cable, you will need to install the Prolific USB to Serial Adaptor which can be found on this site.

Prolific USB to Serial Driver Mac

Tip: You may receive a message that this driver can not be opened because it was not downloaded for the Mac App Store. In this case you can either right mouse click (or Control and click) and choose Open. The OS will then ask you if you want to open this software from an unidentified developer. Choose Open to continue with the installation. You can also temporarily change the setting in your Mac OS system preferences under Security & Privacy to allow apps download from Anywhere. Once you install the driver, you can change your setting back.

You will also need to plug in an ethernet cable to connect the device to the internet as well as the power cable.

Processing a EMV Credit Card Payment After creating a sale and clicking Checkout or when adding a payment to an open invoice the payment window is displayed.

Choose Credit/Debit Card on the payment window. If you were processing a phone payment or when the card is not present, choose Online Processing to enter a credit card into a secure payment form. Otherwise, choose EMV Device to process a credit card via the terminal.


Choose Next to activate the terminal which sends the amount to process to the EMV terminal.

On the EMV Terminal, choose Credit or Debit Card (debit cards will be processed as credit).

Insert the credit/debit card into the terminal and remove the card when indicated on there terminal. The terminal will authorize the card and print a receipt.

The device will then send back the authorization code to Checkout to complete the payment transaction.