Managing Shipping Charges

Shipping service can be added to Orders and Quotes. You'll also be able to optionally have tax applied to the shipping price.

Create a Shipping Method

  • Open the Manager Window
  • Click on the Shipping icon
  • Click on the plus (+) sign (lower left-hand corner)
  • In the details section on the right-hand pane, indicate the Service name
  • Indicate the Carrier name
  • Indicate the default price
  • Apply appropriate tax groups

Update Shipping Method

  • Click to highlight the method name on the left
  • Edit the details on the right
  • Close the window to save your changes

Delete a Method

  • Remove the shipping method from any outstanding Orders
  • Open the Manager > Shipping window
  • Click to highlight the method name on the left
  • Click on the minus (-) sign (lower left-hand corner)

Using a Shipping Method

  • On the Quote or Order (a Shipping Method is not available on the New Sale), place a checkmark in the Shipping box
  • Select the appropriate Shipping Method from the Shipping dropdown menu


  1. Shipping methods and charges configured in Checkout are not used in Shopify. Shopify shipping methods and charges are configured through the Shopify admin login