Managing Employees

There are 2 types of employee accounts

  • Manager (full access)

The manager role should be assigned to employees who should have full access to the software, including the ability to open the Manager Window and Import/Export Customers and Products.

  • Employee (limited access)

The Employee type will give users access to enter sales, orders, purchase orders, Till Count, and other basic functions, but will prevent them from opening the Manager Window, importing and exporting Customers and Products.

Create a New Employee

  1. Log into the store as a Manager
  2. Click on the Manager > Employees icon
  3. Click the plus (+) sign at the bottom-left corner of the window
  4. Enter a user name. This username must be unique, and the preferred method is to use all lower case letters. No spaces are allowed in Employee usernames. The name is case-sensitive
  5. Indicate the user's role (Manager or Employee)
  6. Enter a password. The password is case-sensitive
  7. Optionally, enter the user's personal information. If entered, the sales invoice will display the employee's name. If this information is not entered, Checkout will display the user ID on the sales invoice.
  8. Click the Create button

Update Employee Information

  1. Log into the store as a Manager
  2. Click the Manager > Employees icon
  3. Highlight the user ID in the left-hand pane
  4. Update the information in the right-hand pane
  5. Close the window when your are finished

Delete an Employee ID

  1. Log into the store as a Manager
  2. Open the Manager Window
  3. Click on the Employees icon
  4. Highlight the employee name on the left, and click on the minus (-) sign (in the bottom-left corner). Information on existing sales will not be affected by this deletion.
  5. Close the window