Stock Room

The Stock Room, which is accessed by clicking the Stock Room icon on the Main window, is the Checkout area to manage products, suppliers, and purchase orders.

The right side of the Stock Room window, displays a list of products. The list can be filtered by supplier and other search criteria. The left side of the Stock Room window shows purchase orders and their status

  • A check mark in the left-hand column indicates the items on the purchase order have been received and the order is complete
  • The Order column shows Order numbers, and the age of the Order
  • The Supplier name will be displayed in the Supplier column
  • If notes were added to the order, they'd be displayed in the Notes column
  • And, the word Complete will be displayed in the Status column on completed Orders, otherwise the number of received items will be displayed
The only way to change the status of a purchase order to completed is to receive all items on that order, or delete a partially received purchase order.

In the upper right-hand corner of the Stock Room, you can click the icons to Manage Suppliers Manage Products, and display and print Reports

Create a Purchase Order

  • Click on the New Purchase Order icon
  • Choose the supplier from the list
  • Click the New Purchase Order button
  • To add products to the order, drag the products from the list to the order, or double-click on the products
  • Edit quantities
  • Adjust purchase price
  • Click the Leave button to leave the order, placing it on the list
  • Click the Receive button to receive some or all of the product quantity into stock
  • Double-click an order on the list to open it and (possibly) receive some quantity

Editing a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders in an open status can be edited. Once a Purchase Order has been completed, it can only be viewed, not edited. Once quantity of a line item is partially or completely received, that line item can only be viewed; it can no longer be edited. On completed orders, or for received items of an order line item, clicking on the arrow to the left of each line item will expand or collapse the details, showing how many items were received, by which employee, when, and at what price.

Receiving Stock

To receive products, select the Purchase Order by double-clicking on it in the Purchase Order list.

  • Click the Receive button
  • Receive stock by scanning items with a barcode (bar code) scanner, dragging products over from the product list or changing the received quantity
  • Check mark the Show Received Only will cause the only products received to be displayed
  • Click the Submit button
All products that were marked received will be added to available stock and will now be able to allocate these products any open orders.

Product List

Looking at the Product List, you see how many pieces of a given product you need. This amount will be denoted by a bar graph followed by a numerical figure. This number is calculated by taking the amount of that specific product that is currently on customer orders, adding in the minimum on-hand value from the product profile and then subtracting what is currently in stock. To filter the list to show only the products needed, click on the check box labeled Needed Only. To filter by a specific supplier, select that supplier from the dropdown list to the left of the Needed Only check box.