Product Import/Export Fields

The following fields are available when exporting products from Checkout to Excel, Numbers, Comma-separated (CSV) file, or Tab-separated (TSV) file:

Product Export Fields

Field Value
Code Item Code
Name Item Name
Brand Item Brand
Description Item Description
Barcode Item Barcode
Supplier Supplier
Price Ex Retail Price Excluding Sales Tax
Price In Retail Price Including Sales Tax
Value Default Cost
Has Serial TRUE or FALSE
Has Stock TRUE or FALSE
Minimum Minimum Stock Amount
Stock Quantity in Stock
Sell Stop TRUE or FALSE

The following fields are used when importing products to Checkout from Comma-separated (CSV), or Tab-separated (TSV) files:

Product Import Fields

Field Value Comments
Code Item Code Required
Name Item Name Required
Brand Item Brand Optional
Description Item Description Optional
Barcode Item Barcode Optional
Price Retail Price Optional
Default Cost Default Cost Optional
Needs Serial TRUE or FALSE Required
Has Physical Stock TRUE or FALSE Required
Sell Stop TRUE or FALSE Required
Quantity Quantity in Stock Optional
Purchase Price Purchase Price Optional


Importing Price

In Checkout 4, when importing you can optionally indicate whether the price includes or excludes sales tax.

In Checkout 3, when importing products, you can only import the default Price (excluding tax). Checkout 3 will automatically calculate the Price Including Tax based upon the Product's Tax(es).

Importing File Format

Checkout will import text files with .csv, .tsv and .txt extensions.


When importing Quantity, the result in Checkout will be the sum of the current Checkout quantity, and the value in the imported quantity field. If the imported value is positive, it will be added to the Checkout quantity; if the imported quantity value is negative, it will be subtracted from the Checkout quantity.

Journal Entries

If Quantity values are imported, Checkout will create the following journal entry:

  • If the imported quantity value is positive: Debit Stock, Credit Creditors
  • If the imported quantity value is negative: Debit Creditors, Credit Stock
  • If no Default Cost is set, and No Default Price is selected for import, no journal entry will be made, but product inventory will be updated with the quantity indicated

(Check Checkout Account Configuration for an explanation of account usage.)

Field Size Limits

There are no field size limits for the Product Description and Customer Inspector Extra Info fields.


Product Variations are exported as individual products. On import, if the variations match current Product Variations, those variations will be processed as variations, according to the import option selected (i.e., Update product info, Are not imported, etc.), otherwise product variations will be imported as individual products. You cannot add variations to a Product using this feature. In a new file, product variations will be imported as individual products; you cannot create variations using this feature.

Import / Export Process

Importing Products into Checkout

  • In the Checkout dropdown menu, select Manage Checkout Stores and backup your Store
  • Select File > Import Products (Manager login required)
  • If the input file contains column headers, Checkout 4 will attempt to match the input columns to the Checkout fields. Otherwise, match the fields:
    • Code to Item Number
    • Name to Name
    • Description to Description
    • Price to Selling Price
    • Default Cost to Default Cost
  • Indicate True or False, as appropriate for
    • Needs Serial
    • Has physical stock
    • Sell stop
  • Check mark Import Stock levels to import product quantities
    • Indicate the Quantity field from the import file
    • Select to use either Default Cost or No purchase price for journal entry posting (see note above)
  • You can also optionally select to apply default taxes.
  • Checkmark Do not import this product so that a Product is not created from the Header Record's fields
  • Click Import

Export Items from AccountEdge

  • Select File > Export Data > Items
  • Leave Default options; select Continue
  • In Field matching window, select
    • Item Number,
    • Item Name,
    • Description,
    • Selling Price and
    • Standard Cost.
  • If you have fields in the AccountEdge company file with data representing the
    • Brand or
    • Barcode, you can select those fields as well.
  • Click Export and save the file, appending a .txt extension to the file name.