Problem Resolution Cheatsheet

This information is available as a PDF file

How do I handle a return?

Double-click on the invoice and click on the return button near the bottom of the screen. This will create a negative order. Checkout will put the products back in stock when you invoice this order.

The barcode scanner doesn't work, what could the problem be?

Check if the USB cable is connected to a working USB port. If the barcode scanner is plugged into the keyboard, it may not get enough power to function. Plug it directly into the computer.

We also recommend setting the scanner to a known state. This is accomplished by scanning the Recall Defaults barcode from Chapter 1 in the Configuration Guide that came with the Honeywell Voyager scanner. This will set the scanner to the factory default settings.

How do I give my customer a discount on a sale or order?

If you're creating a Sale, convert it to an Order first. You can now enter the % of discount in the %-column.

Can I sell a product that is available in store but is out of stock in Checkout?

Make a new order, click on Deposit and choose a payment method. Print the order as a receipt for the customer. Afterwards, notify your manager and have him correct the stock so you can allocate the order and convert it to an invoice.

How does 'Quick Product Input' work?

When you're in a new sale or order, type the barcode, product code or product name and hit enter. If Checkout finds an exact match, it will input the product in the order/sale immediately. If it doesn't find an exact match, it will display the search results for that name.

How do I correct an order with the wrong products on it?

Delete the order and make a new one. If the order you want to delete has a deposit on it, you have to refund the deposit first before you can delete the order.

I put the wrong products on the invoice. How can I fix this?

Return the invoice with the return button. This will create a negative order. Now make a new sale or order and insert the correct products.

Why won't the cash drawer open?

Verify that the cash drawer is not manually locked (with a key), that it is properly connected to the receipt printer with a functioning cable, and that it is set to be opened electronically in the printer preferences.

The receipt printer is not printing correctly, what could the problem be?

Probable causes are:

  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Page size (A4/US letter)
  • Driver
  • Paper
  • Toner/cartridge

Why is there a lock displayed on the order I just opened?

Somebody else is working on that order on another computer at the moment. You'll be able to edit the order after they're finished with it.