Managing Your Store (General)

There are two different tabs in the General section of the Manager Window.

  • Store To set preferences for the entire store irrespective of the machine accessing the store
  • This Mac To set Checkout preferences on this machine only


  • Change store name, which will be visible to others on the network if you choose to share the store; will also appear on invoices and reports
  • Allow remote login, which will allow other users to access the store from the network. For users to access the file from the network, they will need valid usernames and passwords, which are set in the Employees section of the Manager Window
  • Checkout uses Bonjour to share and locate other stores on the network

Merchant Services

  • Setup Credit Card Processing if you intend to use integrated Merchant Services in Checkout

Store Options

Check mark

  • Whether or not to show prices including tax in the products list (of main window). The price that is printed on a label follows this option as well. Prices shown in the Manager Product list are always less tax
  • Whether or not employees may adjust product prices on orders
  • Whether or not employees may edit product names on orders
  • Automatically capitalize customer names
  • Show customer first names eiter before or after last names
  • Customer list sort preference

This Mac

Selecting this tab will show the computer name and terminal number. The latter is automatically assigned by Checkout and cannot be changed. It is used to show all history on a specific terminal and to separate money taken in. This is essentially what makes the till count function work. This terminal number will appear on receipts and on the End of Day report to identify which machine was used for payments.

Options include

  • Auto-logout behavior
  • Whether or not to open the payment window upon invoicing an order or sale
  • Whether or not to automatically check for Checkout updates
  • Whether or not to send machine information to Checkout Developers
  • Scheduled Backup - Including the location to backup to as well as the time of day you want to make the backup