Managing Templates

To access your templates, open the Manager Window, and select the Templates option along the top of the manager toolbar.

The Preview Window

The Preview window allows you to select a template theme and preview what your orders will look like when printed. You must have at least one order in your store to be able to preview orders. At the top-right corner of the Preview Window, are two arrows. These arrows allow you to scroll through your orders and preview each of them. The center button allows you to refresh the preview if any changes were made to the template.


Below the preview view are theme options. They are labeled Checkout, Classic and Modern. To preview an order using a different theme, simply click on the theme icon you wish to use. The preview will now show you the template with the new theme for one of your orders. Go to the extras page to download additional templates. After the template has downloaded, simply double-click the template package and Checkout will offer to Preview or Install the template.

Once you have chosen a template theme you like, you need to click on the Use for Printing button, located in the bar right above the template theme options.

Logo and Store Information

Above the Preview Window, there are four buttons that allow you to change other options.
Click the Edit button to add a logo or graphic to templates, and to add information about your company such as the company address and a footer that you may wish to appear on each order.

For Letter/A4 prints size doesn't really matter. If a logo looks good when displayed or printed with Preview, it will look good when printed with Checkout. If customers have their logo in a file that's intended for use on a letterhead, that will be perfect for Checkout.

JPG, PNG or PDF are the only good file formats to use for this. GIF will also work, SVG might work.

Thermal receipts are a completely different story. The only logos that will print reasonably well on a thermal receipt are PDF logos, and then only if the logo contains an actual vector drawing and not bitmap images. This is the main reason we don't ship Checkout with a template that will print logos on thermal receipts.

Checkout embeds the image in the database.

Document Order Numbers

To customize your document number click the document numbering button. Drag any element into the order number field to construct an order number. The fields always need at least a unique number which can have leading (e.g., 0001). You can change the leading in the element drop down menu. Changes to the order numbers will only apply to newly created documents.

Print Margins

To edit a margin, click in the box for the margin you wish to edit, and key over the existing number. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Apply button at the bottom of the screen. These margins can be changed at any time by coming back here and changing the margin numbers and the measuring units. The margins will not affect the thermal receipt.

Advanced Options

There are two sets of options to this window.

Invoice and Order

  • Products: Show Description (Will Show the Associated Product Description if Checked)
  • Prices: Either Including or Excluding Tax
  • Vat Breakdown: Option to show both the VAT and the Subtotal
  • Taxes in Totals: Either a choice of showing all the tax together (Combined) or separated out by tax rate (Specified per Rate)
  • Totals: Option to either show payment information or not show payment made against the invoice
  • Notes: Show any notes entered onto the invoice
  • Payments: Show any tips that have been added to the payment
  • Discounts: Option to Either show or not show total discount for the invoice
  • The rest of the screen displays printer options associated with printing orders and invoices

Thermal Receipt

They are the same options as listed above - with additional cash drawer control associated with printing receipts

Managing Template Themes

Besides choosing one of the pre-installed themes that come with Checkout it is possible to install custom templates. Simply double-click your custom template theme from the Finder. Checkout will then offer to Install or Preview the template. Choosing Install will simply install the template theme, you'll notice that a new template icon will appear in the template theme chooser.

Choosing Preview will allow you to temporarily preview what the template theme will look like. To install this template theme you need to click on the "Install Template" button that is located in the bar right above the template theme options.

To remove a custom installed theme from the theme options, click the red button located at the right top of the theme icon. This will pull up a prompt that asks you if you are sure you wish to delete the theme. When you are sure, click the DELETE button. If the theme that you wish to remove is the default, select a different theme as default, so the disused custom report can be deleted.

It's not possible to remove the pre-installed themes or the theme that is currently used for printing.