Managing Customers

Daily Usage: Managing Customers

The customer list is on the right side of the main window, available by clicking on the Customers tab. This list will show all customers sorted either by last name or first name, depending on the preference selected in the General Options of the Manager Window. Checkout does not require customers to be assigned to Invoices; customers are required on Quotes and Orders in order to save them.

Adding a New Customer

To add a new customer to your store, click the New Customer button at the bottom of the Customer list. This will open the Customer Inspector, where you can enter customer information. Click the Close button to save your data, and the entry will appear on the list.

The Extra Info area is hidden by default. This area shows the total number and amount of orders and invoices, and balances on unpaid invoices. It also provides employees with a Comments field for notes.

Editing an Existing Customer

To edit an existing customer, click on the pencil icon to the right of the customer name in the customer list. This will open the Customer Inspector where you can edit customer information.

Customer Export and Report

The Customer List can be exported to a vCard file, which is suitable for import into Address Book. The list can also be exported to a tab-delimited (TSV), Comma-separated (CSV), Numbers or Excel file. To export the Customer List, select Export Customers from the File dropdown menu. Select the format in the save dialog box.

A Customer Report, is also available. The report shows customer name, company name, postal zip code, city, total number of invoices, total amount of sales and the total margin (sale price less default cost) on those sales.

Deleting an Existing Customer

To delete an existing customer from the Customer List, highlight the customer entry in the list, and press the delete key on your keyboard. You can also select Delete Customer from the Action menu at the bottom of the Customer List. You can delete only one customer at a time, and deletions cannot be undone. You cannot delete customers referenced on open Orders; such Orders will have to be deleted before customer entries can be deleted. Invoices referencing deleted customers will not be modified.

Importing Customers

A customer list can be imported from a file. Checkout supports vCard, tab-delimited (TSV) and comma-separated (CSV) file formats for importing. When importing from a vCard file, Checkout will automatically match the fields. If you're importing from a tab-delimited or comma-separated file, you'll need to match the import fields with the Checkout field names. Depending on the option selected at the top of the import window, duplicates will either be updated, rejected or created with a suffix. At the end of the import process, the pop-up message will inform you if any records were rejected for being duplicates. If the reject option is not selected, Checkout will report the number of records imported, and will not mention whether or not records were updated.

To import a customer list, select Import Customers from the File dropdown menu.

Field Size Limits

See the note about field size limits.