Export Journal Entries

Accounting Method

Checkout uses an accrual-based, double entry accounting model.

Exported Entries

Checkout will only export General Journal entries to AccountEdge or QuickBooks when the Ledger is exported. Checkout is intended to track all customers and products. Checkout does not export Sales and Purchase Orders.

Stock Corrections

A Stock Correction typically posts to the Shrinkage/Spoilage (an expense) account in Checkout. If Stock Corrections are done in Checkout to receive stock items, the user needs to be aware that such corrections are posted to the expense account.

Import Warning(s)

The most common import warning to occur is when the AccountEdge company file does not have the multi-currency preference selected. When Checkout exports the General Journal Ledger, it includes USD as the Currency Code. When importing into AccountEdge, a warning (number 275 in the log file) is generated. The explanation of the warning is: Warning 275: Multiple Currencies preference not selected; currency information ignored. This is only a warning and can be ignored.

Import Log

The import log, which is located in the same folder as the company file for AccountEdge, or in the /Applications/AccountEdge NE folder for AccountEdge NE, should always be checked for warnings and errors.

Quickbooks Import Error

When attempting to import a General Journal Entries file from Checkout into a QuickBooks file, a user could receive the following error:

Error: You can't change the type of name or add a duplicate name.

This error will occur if the Ledger export was configured to post a QuickBooks Header account, and not a post-able account.

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