Checkout Till

Entering an Opening Till Count

When you are creating your opening till count for beginning with Checkout (i.e.: money that you have in the till before you started) you are going to enter this amount.

You can do this by going to Till Count, entering the amount of money in the "Counted in till" field. This will cause a discrepancy for the first till count; however, this is the correct way to record this for the first time.

Using the Checkout Till

The Till tracks all cash received per Mac. Since this is per Mac, if more than one employee logs into the Store on the same Mac, they will share the same Till Count since they share the same physical Cash Drawer. A Cash Drawer can be attached to a networked Star Thermal Receipt Printer, but since the Till Count is maintained by Checkout per Mac. If several CO terminals are accessing the same cash drawer, it will not be possible to determine which terminal has a Till Count discrepancy.

Any time cash is received as a payment (positive or negative), or change is given (from any payment method, not just Cash), the Till count will go up or down.

If an incorrect Till Count is down, it cannot be undone. If a backup is not available, the deposit amount can be entered as a negative number to change the Expected in Till back to the previous Count. This however will not change the incorrect entry on the End of Day report or the possibly incorrect journal entry sent to AccountEdge (the latter will need to be manually adjusted in AccountEdge).