Cash Drawer Operation

The printer operates the cash drawer. When a receipt is printed, the printer sends a signal to the cash drawer for it to open. (The cash drawer is connected to the printer.) To set the printer to open the cash drawer:

  1. Be in a sale/order
  2. Go to File > Print from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  3. Make sure the Star printer is chosen
  4. Select Printer Features from the dropdown (defaults to Layout)
  5. Choose Cash Drawer control from the Feature Sets dropdown menu
  6. Change the Cash Drawer option to "Open Drawer 1"


Verify the Key is in Electronic position:

Verify cash drawer is set to open electronically (vertical position)

  • Vertical: Normal operation, drawer operated by Checkout
  • Horizontal: Cash drawer is locked

Drawer won't open

If the cash drawer makes a noise and still doesn't open, see if it can be manually opened. Set the key to manual, and attempt to open the drawer. If the drawer doesn't open, perhaps the change drawer inside is blocking the operation. Turn the drawer upside down in an attempt to clear it.

If the cash drawer doesn't open, it could be due to:

  • The cable between the cash drawer and printer not being connected properly or not sending the signal correctly
  • The printer not sending a signal even though it's being told to
  • The cash drawer not receiving the signal properly