Barcode Scanner Not Working

Problem: Bar Code Scanner doesn't work

Troubleshooting Procedure

  1. Open TextEdit (in /Applications folder on Mac)
  2. Scan bar codes from other items (e.g., a book, any package, etc.); the number should appear in the TextEdit window
  3. Verify label number and size; see for details
  4. Verify bar code is 5 to 8 alphanumeric characters
  5. If the Voyager 9520 Scanner fails to scan, reset scanner to factory default settings and retry (see below)
  6. The Argox Wireless AS-8020CL Scanner is not programmed to scan Code 93 barcodes. See instructions below for programming instructions

Voyager 9520 Scanner

Pages 1-2 of the Voyager95 Configuration Guide has a barcode to reset the scanner. (You may have to print this page; the scanner may not be able to scan from the screen.) This document contains additional programming information.

Program the Argox Wireless Scanner

The Argox Scanner by default, does not come programmed for Code 93 barcodes. To program the scanner, follow these steps:

  1. Print this one-page scanner programming memo.
  2. Hold the reset button down on the bottom of the scanner
    Note: Scanner will beep continuously
  3. Scan barcode on the bottom of cradle and wait for it to stop beeping
    Note: This will link the scanner with the cradle
  4. Scan the barcodes on the scanner programming memo you just printed

The above instructions will handle:

  • Programming to Code 93
  • Reset issue
  • Scanner has become unlinked from the Cradle
  • Scanner beeps but nothing shows up on the computer screen
  • Incorrect scanner programming
  • Initial Argox scanner setup

Additional Barcode Scanner Manuals