Duplicating a Quote, Order, Invoice or Purchase Order

Introduced in Checkout v5 is the ability to create a copy of a quote, order, invoice or purchase order.

In order to create a copy you'll need to use the Duplicate option from the Edit menu after selecting the transaction from the list of sales or purchase orders. This option needs to be performed while selecting it from the list as opposed to opening the transaction. Once open, the Duplicate option in the edit menu will be disabled and grayed out as a selectable option.

To create a copy of an order or quote, click the Orders icon on the top left side of your store window. This will display your list of orders. Next, find the order to be duplicated. You can use the Search bar above the list to search by the customer name to find your order. Select the order without opening the transaction and choose Duplicate from the Edit menu.

For Invoices, perform the same task as above except by choosing the Invoices icon on the top left next to the orders icon.

To duplicate a purchase order, click the Stock Room icon at the top of your store window and find the purchase order you wish to duplicate. Do not open the purchase but just select it. Next, choose Duplicate from the Edit menu.

The following are some rules that Checkout follows that you man find helpful:

  • Whereas Orders will become Orders and Quote become Quotes, when Invoices are duplicated, they become Orders which can then be invoiced.

  • A duplicate will also set the shipping options, tax status and business name from the original transaction.

  • Stock will not be allocated or received when duplicating a Purchase Order.

  • Notes will not be copied when a transaction is duplicated.